James Nesbitt to play James Nesbitt in major new TV series

Role may demand that he sticks a rose up his arse. Again.

Popular actor James Nesbitt is to play James Nesbitt in a major new six-part thriller on BBC 2. James Nesbitt is an irascible, wisecracking, straight talking Ulsterman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Communicating with a staccato delivery style he has made his own, he takes on the authorities, sets a few things straight and doesn’t care whose feathers he ruffles along the way.

In a revealing interview Nesbitt said, ‘The preparation for this role has taken a lifetime. This guy is truly multifaceted, so I’ve needed to spend a lot of time in character to understand what makes him tick. And the BBC costume people took ages to get the receding hairline to look just like Nesbitt’s.’

In this major new production, James Nesbitt plays an actor taking on a central role in a moody six-part ITV 1 drama series, a surprisingly sensitive character who, despite his exposure to a variety of roles and his training at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, portrays with uncanny accuracy a one dimensional edgy Ulsterman whose redeeming feature is a hint of a second dimension which might break through at any time.

TV critic Tom Sutcliffe says, ‘James Nesbitt is in his element as James Nesbitt. He lets the internal conflicts ratchet up the emotional intensity, and then just when the tension starts to feel unbearable, Nesbitt diffuses it with a wry joke, a smile and a wink of an eye that enables his wrinkles to display the full extent of their acting ability.’

The central character in ITV 1’s ‘James Nesbitt’ is a fast-talking actor playing opposite an emotionally complex but easy on the eye actress who has been in soap operas but who now, in her mid thirties, is making her name in gritty dramas, in a ground-breaking Channel 4 drama documentary based on the life and struggles of James Nesbitt.

Tom Sutcliffe again: ‘Despite a world weariness that weighs visibly on his features, James Nesbitt portrays with consummate ease a man of emotional fragility and social naivety seeking truth and meaning. However, if I have one criticism, it is that the producers lacked the courage to go the extra mile by making the documentary about the actor James Nesbitt in a forthcoming role as James Nesbitt – a role he was born to play.’

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