Russian brides not to be left on counter top, firm says

A London insurance firm has disciplined junior actuary Simon Thompson after his part-time franchise activities triggered complaints from colleagues. While the firm said it had no issue with Thompson’s mail-order bride business, it did object when he started leaving samples in the kitchens.

The row started last month when office workers noticed a clutch of middle-aged Ukranian women in the first floor break-out area, nestling between the Book People display and the charity keyrings. Once discovered, they insisted on making tea.

Despite objections from female staff the company initially found no breach of health and safety rules, provided samples weren’t left dangling over worktops or high shelves. However, management felt compelled to act when a fight broke out between the Filipinos and the Thais over access to the exclusive fifth floor lunch space.

An unrepentant Thompson said: ‘The girls just want a better life and anyway the CEO was jealous because that blonde one chose his deputy instead. Still, there’s always my pet crocodile catalogue to fall back on.’

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