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Cameron to ‘come down hard’ on Libya, ‘if Obama is cool with that’

David Cameron has shown fellow heads of state that Britain is unafraid to come down hard on Libya and impose a no-fly zone, providing that President Obama is OK with things.

The Prime Minister made the announcement at this morning’s press conference, telling reporters: ‘Enough is enough. Gaddafi needs to be shown that we are watching him with grave disapproval and, as long as Barack Obama doesn’t tell me otherwise, we will be raising a UN resolution to consider instigating a no-fly zone over Libya.’

Downing Street later claimed that this threat had left Colonel Gadaffi ‘speechless’, as he pointedly made no reference to it in his latest TV address during which he was only able to laugh uncontrollably.

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Posted: Mar 17th, 2011 by thisisalloneword

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