UNESCO recognises Atlantis as World Acceptable Racism Site

The UN body responsible for cultural matters has agreed to select the fictional country of Atlantis as a geographical region, people and religion which will now be ‘considered fair game’ for all manner of racism, xenophobia, and scapegoatism.

UNESCO hopes by creating a hated nation of no good, sea god worshipping, ugly troublemakers that the rest of the planet can club together united by a common enemy. ‘Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make nations realise that, hey, we’re not so different from one another’ explained UNESCO’s Tee Wee Ang, ‘a little thing like finding out that there are a bunch of dirty green skinned, dolphin touching, mermen who spread cancer and come over to all our countries taking our jobs.’

The entire internet was briefly down for a few minutes earlier today as wave upon wave of provoked attacks against the fictional Atlantisians were made across the blogosphere and on Twitter, UNESCO noting with satisfaction ‘high levels of discrimination that crosses religious groups, borders, and nations.’

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