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Evidence found that Gaddafi ‘behind carrier-bag threat’

Western troops in northeastern Libya are reported to have uncovered evidence that Colonel Gaddafi has been illicitly manufacturing supermarket carrier bags to be shipped to the UK and other countries to menace middle-class neighbourhoods.
American Special Forces are reported to have stumbled on a facility outside the town of Majnoun with vast stocks of low-density polyethylene and extruding equipment capable of manufacturing tens of thousands of the items – which are a scourge to Western suburbs.
A sombre David Cameron told reporters ‘I can’t imagine what clearer evidence there could be that this dictator is evil, and a threat to all the values we hold dear.’
There had been unconfirmed reports that Gaddafi had plastic bag manufacturing facilities for some time, although he claimed that the factories were producing fully biodegradable carriers and without evidence, the international community was unable to act. William Hague added ‘This find completely vindicates our invasion of Libya. It is vital we get eliminate this threat and replace them with reusable bags for life as soon as possible.’


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Posted: Mar 24th, 2011 by Guest

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