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Tramps go multi-lingual for London Olympics

The organisers of the London Olympics have confirmed they’re to offer every person living rough on the streets of the capital free language lessons ahead of the opening of the games in 2012.

Common tramp phrases like ‘any spare change’, ’20p for a cup of tea’ and ‘spare a fag’ will be translated onto laminated flash cards and issued to the homeless free of charge. The messages will also be printed on bottles of White Lightning cider, the official vagrant drink of the London Games.

‘The idea is to make international visitors feel at home’ Marc Sangster from LOCOG told reporters, ‘and with a bit of luck the homeless will be able to bring some much needed foreign currency into the economy as well.’

LOCOG admits it’s an approach that’s not been tried before. ‘Sydney didn’t have any homeless as they were all camped out in Earls Court, while China shot all their tramps. That solution couldn’t work in London though – we’ve not enough troops in the UK to do it.’


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Posted: Mar 27th, 2011 by Guest

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