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Company unveils plaque after employee ‘finally’ makes colleagues tea

An office worker was left ‘stunned and slightly embarrassed’ last week after bosses arranged for a commemorative plaque to mark the rare occasion of his making a round of teas for his colleagues.

‘I usually just pop out to buy myself a latte from the coffee cart outside the office,’ admitted Craig Sear, a marketing manager from Bristol. However, after eight years at the company, he spontaneously gathered up his colleagues’ cups and made a tray of drinks, an act which saw him called into the boardroom for a special ceremony.

‘When I got back to my desk I saw I was the lead story on the company’s global intranet. I got the feeling they’d been planning it for some time, the way they do with famous people’s obituaries.’

Sear now has a hunch that further festivities might be planned should he ever get round to sending a work-related email.


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Posted: Apr 11th, 2011 by Guest

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