SAS to launch own-brand poo bags for people who pick up after dogs

SAS poo bags, used to clear up evidence that members of the crack unit are in enemy territory, are to be launched as a commercial spin-off aimed at dog owners and anyone else who has to clean up excrement.

‘Picking up turds off the ground, especially ones you didn’t do yourself, is never going to be a glamorous job,’ said the SAS’s commercial director, Andy McNab. ‘But when you’re carrying an SAS-branded poo bag, people might see you in a different light.’

Estate agent Phil Barry says being seen loading dogs eggs into an SAS bag has earned him instant respect. ‘The other the dog walkers at South Norwood recreation ground know I’m a man not to be messed with now, and it’s all thanks to my SAS poo bag. I may pick up number twos, but I’m the number one in this part of Croydon North East.’

The SAS poo bag is more than just a massively marked up see through plastic repository. It’s a personal statement, says McNab. ‘It’s a look that says I’ve got my shit together, and I’m on a mission.’

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