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FA Cup semi-final to be replayed until Manchester United win

Under the new rules introduced by the Football Association, the Manchester United versus Manchester City semi-final is to be replayed until Manchester United win. Sir Alex Ferguson’s team famously withdrew from the FA cup in 2000 but were persuaded to return to the competition the following year.  The terms for their continued participation has now come to light following the ordered replay.

A spokesman for the FA said: ‘We already tell referees to add on enough stoppage time for Manchester United to score the winning goal. And now we are allowing them to play games again until they win. It’s a natural extension of what we already do.’

Nick Clegg commented: ‘This clearly shows the value of AV. Under the old, discredited first-past-the-post system, Manchester City would have won. However, the second preference is for United, which means they have won instead.  It’s like Vince Cable being the more popular choice for Lib Dem leader; that’s why I’m confident I’d win any leadership challenge.’

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Posted: Apr 19th, 2011 by John Wiltshire

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