Taoiseach discusses pronunciation of ‘Taoiseach’ with David Cameron

Enda Kenny, Irish Taoiseach, has arrived in the United Kingdom, and has met with Prime Minister David Cameron. Discussion topics were reported to have included how to pronounce the word ‘Taoiseach’, what a ‘Taoiseach’ actually is, and whether ‘Enda’ is a boy’s name or a girl’s name.

Mr Cameron told reporters ‘Ireland and the United Kingdom once had a very close relationship, not unlike the relationship a pimp has with the women in his stable. But since 1921 our two countries have pursued separate paths, separate politics, and separate languages. I was anxious to see what these Irish are actually like now, and learn some of their oddly-spelt words’.

Speaking through a translator, Mr or Mrs Kenny said the s/he had had a pint of Guinness, corned beef hash, and some soda bread. S/he then danced a jig without moving his/her arms before getting into a fist fight with Nick Clegg.


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