Tea Partier kicked out of rally for drawing ‘flattering’ moustache on Obama poster

wasn't even shown wearing an armband

Edna Mae Sutcliffe of Kentucky was asked to leave the ‘Americans for a More American America’ Tea Party rally yesterday for drawing what organizers called a ‘flattering’ moustache on her Obama picket sign. ‘How hard is it to draw a ‘Hitler’?’ fumed rally organizer Mabry Townes. ‘It’s the easiest thing in the world to draw; it’s basically just a smudge. What was she thinking? Did Tom Selleck lead the Third Reich?’

Many rally attendants agreed. ‘I brought my little girls here with me,’ said local resident Dwayne Lee Floyd. ‘I wanted them to see exactly what’s right, and exactly what’s wrong, with America. How am I s’posed to fill them with paranoia and hate for that Muslim Kenyan socialist dictator when he’s starin’ down from that sign like he’s Groucho f’ing Marx?

Other protestors were concerned at the correct spelling of ‘Obama’ and the abject failure to indicate how much the name looked like ‘Osama’.  She also neglected to put in his middle name in capital letters and underline ‘Hussein’.

However not all members of the fledgling movement were as upset by the sign. Glen Beck, unofficial spokesman for the Tea Party, addressed the issue on his show, where he called for cooler heads to prevail. ‘I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is such a big deal,’ he said from his Fox News studio on Monday. ‘It’s not like she made him not black.’

Tom Sarvay

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