Man’s attempt at conversation with US customs official flops

Brian Evans, a taxi driver from Nantwich confessed to being disappointed at his attempts to try a little easy banter at US Passport Control yesterday.

Mr Evans, 38, was arriving at JFK in New York to visit his sister for a few days and was presenting his passport to the officer behind the desk when he mistakenly believed that an icebreaker would be the best way to build rapport following the officer’s early opening statement of “good morning sir”.

‘I thought it would kick things off nicely’ said Brian, ‘I thought he would see the clear joke when I said that all Americans are traitors to the British crown and the War of Independence was nothing more than a terrorist campaign. But no, all I got was an icy stare and a request to step into a small windowless side room for ‘further questions.’

Mr Evan continued to try and take an interest in their work, although eventually stopped making conversation after asking ‘why are you laughing?’ and ‘what’s that rubber glove for then?’

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