Protest groups trapped in endless recursive counter-demonstration loop

Counter Demonstration chaos developed today after Muslims Against Crusades, a radical Islamist group, announced their intention to hold a demonstration outside Westminster Abbey during the forthcoming royal wedding ceremony. Shortly after the announcement, The English Defence League, a far-right anti-Islamist protest group, stated their intention to hold a simultaneous counter-demonstration, which prompted Unite Against Fascism, an anti-fascist pressure group, to threaten a counter-demonstration; the newly formed Unite Against Unite Against Fascism then retaliated by inviting members to a counter-counter-counter-demonstration which was to face a protest demonstration by Muslims Against Crusades.

It is feared that with the circle of counter-demonstrations now complete, the protesters might be trapped in an impossible vortex and may be stuck there to the end of recorded time.  ‘Especially if we end up being kettled’ said one demonstrator.

Pete H

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Posted: Apr 20th, 2011 by

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