Qaddafi subdues international critics by changing the subject

In a surprise move certain to galvanize pro-Qaddafi forces and quell the recent rebel uprisings throughout Libya, embattled Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi has begun a campaign of changing the subject as often as possible to anything other than Libya.

‘It began a couple of weeks ago,’ said Reuters journalist Everett Jameson, stationed in Tripoli. ‘After I asked Mr. Qaddafi how his regime could justify violent crackdowns on peaceful protesters, he thought for a long moment and explained that the widespread adoption of nuclear power needs to be rethought in the wake of the Japanese nuclear crisis.’

According to Mr. Jameson, the ensuing confusion among members of the press corps created a split among them with some suddenly wishing to move on to the discussion of the Japanese crisis. Rebel leaders who shouted their demands in Benghazi, have now found themselves being distracted by issues surrounding Manchester United’s exit from the FA Cup, Britain’s AV referendum and the unusual name of the re-elected Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

News agencies around the world have said they refuse to let Qaddafi fool them with this age old distraction technique, before swiftly moving on to report on President Obama’s new Facebook page and the British Royal Wedding.

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