Royal couple ‘Delighted’ with Bolton farmer’s commemorative black pudding

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Prince William and Kate Middleton are ‘Delighted and overwhelmed’ by the special royal wedding black pudding produced by Bolton farmer Fred McGee.

McGee’s secret recipe has been devised using extra blood and offal in the delicacy and it is also thought to contain the innards of chickens to deliver its extra taste sensation.

‘Every time there’s a royal wedding I make an offal-based product to celebrate the event and to share with the lucky couple. For Charles and Diana I made a special haggis using the finest sheeps stomachs complete with undigested grass, and when I announce them they just fly off the shelves.’

‘I’ve sent them a pallet of 1200 of the puddings for them to enjoy during their marriage, and one thing for sure, she’ll never be short of a tasty black pudding snack at 3am whilst she can’t sleep as a result of being pregnant.’

‘When they do have a child it’ll give me the chance to develop another commemorative offal delicacy, and I’ll probably use veal given it’s for a young one.’

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