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UK troops ‘only in Misrata to plan street parties’

15" screen to be erected in central square so everyone can watchWilliam Hague has strongly denied that UK troops being sent into Misrata represents boots on the ground, arguing that their mission is solely to aid locals in their preparations for street parties to celebrate next week’s royal wedding.

‘There’s only a week to go until the big day and preparations in Misrata are woefully behind schedule’ he explained. ‘If you take a walk through the streets there you’ll see plenty of burnt out cars, mortar damaged buildings and snipers hiding on rooftops, but where are the buntings, the trestle tables and the Union Jack waving children? We’ve sent the troops in to provide logistical support and to just chivvy the celebrations along a bit’.

The Foreign Secretary admitted that the officers would be armed, although he pointed out that these would probably only be fired if party-poppers can’t be obtained in time.

He also argued that the move was within the terms of the UN resolution. ‘The resolution clearly states that we can take ‘all necessary measures’ to protect the rights of Libyan civilians, and what greater right is there than to celebrate William and Kate’s special day in style?’ he said.

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Posted: Apr 24th, 2011 by ianslat

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