‘No’ camp pulls Becky, 21, from Croydon

Opponents of the alternative voting system gained a vital boost yesterday as an aspiring model-cum-nursery-nurse became the first recorded person in the country to be won over to the  first-past-the-post method by their advertising.
A campaign spokesman said ‘here’s concrete proof that the money was well spent. It’s all in the Sun, page three, speech bubble one’. According to the article, Becky, 21, from Croydon, was “persuaded by the “No to AV” posters to stop flirting with proportional representation and back the winning formula”. She is also working towards an NVQ in childcare, and “wouldn’t mind getting winched by prince Harry some time”.

‘If only we could find the girl and get her on a platform’ the spokesman continued. ‘She’d be an asset to our movement. It would be the biggest coup since we persuaded Ian Paisley to join us and say NO for the first time in his political career’.

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