Mounting sympathy for Bin Laden over 12-inch TV set

The Pentagon’s decision to release home videos of Osama bin Laden’s life in his Pakistan compound has backfired following growing public concern over the small television set the leader of al-Qaeda had to make do with to watch his favourite programmes.

‘It’s  not right in this day and age,’ said Mildred Bottrell, owner of a 42-inch Sony LCD HD Ready 1080p with Dolby All-Round Sound and a free television licence. ‘I mean, he was an old man and all he had was that horrible little 12-inch TV. I felt proper sorry for him having to watch Strictly on that. No wonder he went about killing folk.’

Pentagon sources have also suggested that Bin Laden’s low-tech hideout led him to use his wives as human remote controls.

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Posted: May 9th, 2011 by

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