‘Good Housekeeping’ attacks Bin Laden’s wives for messy home

Osama bin Laden’s wives are strongly criticized in this month’s ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine for their poor home-making skills.

‘The lounge where he watched the television was a complete disgrace,’ said editor Jeramia Jones. ‘I don’t think it’d seen a brush in weeks. With three wives, you’d think one of them would have got a duster out. They must have felt so ashamed when the American gentlemen called.’

Margot Baines of ‘Home and Beauty’ magazine said she was appalled at the state of Bin Laden’s bedroom. ‘That bed hadn’t been made in I-don’t-know-how-long,’ she said. ‘Disgusting.’

‘And someone’s going to have to get down on their hands and knees and use some elbow grease to shift all that blood,’ said Lucinda Lucas of ‘Home and Interiors’.

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