Arsène Strauss-Huhne in custody on fresh charges

French financier Arsène Strauss-Huhne was held in custody in Holloway police station last night as new evidence emerged of taking advantage of a defenceless football club.

The French boss was already due to face an enquiry today on charges of attempting to pass points to other managers. Evidence that he was in the driver’s seat several weeks ago is said to be compelling, since when he has contrived to transfer three points to other managers on a number of occasions, often quite blatantly.

The new charges centre around accusations of grooming a football team over a number of years during which he undermined its ability to defend itself. The result of his attentions was very attractive to look at but extremely fragile and vulnerable, inevitably leading to others taking advantage of them while Strauss-Huhne and his employers made large amounts of money.

In a statement, Mr Strauss-Huhne said he never saw anything.

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