‘Greek mythology made-up when we were pissed’ admits Oxford professor

Ronald Vickers, a Professor of Classics at Oxford University, has admitted that the entire subject of Greek Mythology was invented by a group of drunken lecturers in the 1820s.

‘I’ve found records which show that my late colleagues were having a bit of a laugh after a night on the port and decided to make-up the most ridiculous stories, then created a deep history to substantiate them’ said an embarrassed Professor. ‘I’m afraid we need to close the department here and at every other university in the world.’

‘If you think about it, the clue’s in the name. They couldn’t have gone more out of their way to embed a coded message when they invented the term, but somehow it just stuck, and there’s even WikiPedia references to the subject now. It’s become a monster.’

‘The good thing is that my conscience is now clear, and I can focus my attention on proper scholastic research on the book I’m writing on Christianity, the virgin birth and the resurrection.’

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