‘I had a Super comb-over’ admits Bobby Charlton

Sir Bobby Charlton admitted today that for much of his playing career he was almost completely bald.

‘When I started losing my hair in the late 50s, I was afraid it would damage my image if the public found out,’ explained Sir Bobby. ‘I considered making a rugging order, but our mam recommended a comb-over. To my surprise it worked and nobody noticed.’

By the late 60s the situation was getting worse, and Charlton went for a Super comb-over. ‘It started just above one ear and went all the way over the top and down the other side. It was so effective that still nobody noticed, even on very rare occasions when it slipped.’

Critics of Super comb-overs however argued that it was ineffective outside of England. ‘We called him Old Shinyheid in our headlines’ said one veteran Scottish reporter, ‘but in those days no-one in England had access to Scottish papers so it wasn’t a problem. I’m sure someone must have named his comb-over in a letter or phonecall though.’

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