Reclusive Japanese karate expert was ‘just using kid to wash and clean’

An American high school student is suing an elderly Japanese man who, he claims, tricked him into washing cars and doing DIY at his house, under the pretence that he was learning self defence.

Dave Andrews, who had recently moved into the area, was befriended by the man after experiencing bullying at the hands of a local gang. After an altercation the defendant, Mr Gyoza, intervened and offered Andrews a safe haven and the chance to learn karate.

Mr Gyoza then used unusual methods such as getting Andrews to clean floors, wash cars and fix fences, telling Andrews throughout that this was teaching him the basics that he needed to know.

Andrews first started to suspect something was amiss though when he entered the local karate championship and was soundly beaten in his first bout. ‘I had no idea what I was doing. They all laughed at me when I stood there with a duster in one hand and a pot of car wax in the other. It was a total humiliation.’

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