Liam Fox apologises for soundtrack to Afghan war

UK Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has been forced into an apology for the poor soundtrack to the current Afghan and Libyan conflicts.

‘People look back on the Vietnam war and remember the great soundtrack but forget all the bad stuff’ he explained. ‘One of the biggest problems faced by our forces today in Afghanistan and Libya is the low availability of good music.’ Dr Fox has admitted that recent defence cutbacks have forced the military to fall back on Jedward and other X-Factor winners while decommissioning bands like Madness (now used only for ceremonial duties) and New Order.

Ex US president George W Bush has also admitted that many of the problems in Iraq were caused by the poor quality of music available at the time. ‘Back in the 60s when I was avoiding going to Vietnam we had some fantastic music’ he said, ‘but I sent the troops into battle listening to Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. That’s something that keeps me awake at night.’

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