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Dial M for MRSA

Ever wondered what it’s really like to work a shift on the frontline of the NHS? Well now you can find out!

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has opened an account on Twitter for one day only and agreed to post regular updates from doctors and nurses as they go about their vital duties. The hospital hopes the Tweets will increase confidence in the NHS by giving patients and the public an insider’s view of the challenges of a typical day at work.

Monday 6 June

‘Only 2375 fatalities so far in 2011. A fantastic effort team! #BetterThanItSoundsHonest’ – 11 hours ago

‘Dr Collins will be wearing the dunce’s hat for June after prescribing antibiotics for a cold. Everyone knows they don’t kill viruses. Classic. #7YearsOfMedSchool’ – 9 hours ago

‘Just found elderly woman left on a trolley in the corridor for three days! She was double parked and hadn’t paid and displayed. She’s in for a quite a bill if she wakes from her coma! #BillItToTheEstate – 8 hours ago

‘Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Pryce. First couple today to have a baby with the right number of fingers and toes. #NormalForNorfolk’ – 8 hours ago

‘Only 2376 fatalities so far in 2011. A fantastic effort team! #EveryLittleHelps’ – 6 hours ago

‘Thank God little Martin Smith got better as his mother was a frightful bore. Still, she won’t be laughing when the MRSA we spiked her drink with kicks in. LOL! #MeantBOAR’ – 5 hours ago

‘Never been a better time to get on the chemotherapy waiting list. Recent patients disappearing fast. #It’sAnIllWindThatBlows’ – 4 hours ago

‘Some junior docs spent the morning messing about in the X-ray room. Best pose was a Brucie-style ‘The Thinker’. #YouDon’tHaveToBeMadToWorkHere’ – 2 hours ago

‘Dish of the day on the wards – Cottage pie on a bed of cardboard. #RecyclingTargetTICK’ – 1 hour ago

‘2377 fatalities so far in 2011. RIP Mrs Smith. #HadItComing – 1 hour ago

‘Seriously, an MRI scanner doesn’t just go missing. The thing’s bigger than a car and we need it back. Pls RT’ – 18 minutes ago

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