Daily Mail warns about consequences of Shoesmith payout

Previous Labour Government 'at least partly to blame'

The Daily Mail has warned that the £2.5 billion that ex-Haringey social services boss Sharon Shoesmith hopes to get in compensation for her sacking over the Baby P case could plunge the UK into a full-scale 1929-style depression.

The newspaper claims that the Chancellor, George Osborne, is ‘urgently revising his plans’ in expectation of the £3 billion pay-out and the Greek-style financial crisis that will inevitably follow, with businesses going bankrupt, British workers forced onto the dole and, most worryingly, house prices going into freefall.

‘If the government caves in to this evil woman’s demands, we could see a return to gangs of mainly foreign urchins roaming the streets of London not seen since the days of Fagin,’ the paper warns.

It also says that ‘not one, but hundreds of thousands of mainly British Baby Ps could perish’ as money earmarked for alleviating child poverty could end up in Shoesmith’s grubby, evil pockets. ‘Any suggestion that she should receive even a penny of taxpayers’ money is political correctness gone mad,’ said an editorial.

The paper says that its readers demand that Mrs Shoesmith give her £3.5 billion pay-out to the UK Border Agency, since anything else would be ‘an insult to the memory of Princess Diana’.

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