‘Shocking’ abuse of Liberal Democrats exposed

The vulnerable service user (right) with the man who was meant to be his carer (even more to the right)

A pattern of abuse in the heart of Government uncovered by BBC Panorama has been condemned as ‘shocking’ by social care professionals.

Conservatives in Westminster were filmed punching and slapping Lib Dems, dousing them in cold water, pinning them to the ground with chairs, and depriving them of credibility often for weeks on end.

An undercover reporter recorded the vile abuse — described by one expert as ‘centre-right torture’ — while spending five weeks at the Cabinet Office as a speechwriter. The secret recordings were filmed between 5 May last year and this week by a reporter from the BBC’s Panorama programme.

Conservative Central Office said: ‘Following initial checks and a subsequent inspection of the Coalition programme for government, it has been agreed that Lib Dems should move to alternative facilities at the earliest opportunity.’

Vince Cable has already been moved to safety, but experts are concerned that it may be too late to protect Nick Clegg.

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