‘My secret shame’ – shocking confession of woman who hasn’t slept with Ryan Giggs

loss of sponsorship deals she doesn't yet have 'might change her life'

26-year-old Catherine Davies from Cardiff has exclusively revealed to The Sun newspaper that she is the mystery British woman who has not slept with Ryan Giggs. Following mounting speculation on social networking site Twitter, Miss Davies, 34-28-34, has finally agreed to tell her side of the story of how she came not to have an affair with the married Premier League star.

‘My family and close friends had known for a while that I hadn’t slept with Ryan Giggs, but they were very good about it,’ said a tearful Miss Davies today. ‘They didn’t say anything, though I could tell they were all embarrassed. But then I was named by a Twitter user and suddenly everyone knew. Women started looking at me as though it was obvious what was wrong, as though I were different to all of them.’

After her exposure on Twitter, Lib Dem MP John Hemming named Catherine in Parliament as the mystery woman who, as yet, remains unconquered by the Manchester United star. ‘It’s the rejection that’s hardest to bear,’ said Catherine. ‘I keep asking myself, why me? No one else is in my position, so what is about me that means the loose-trousered former Wales winger isn’t interested. I feel dirty, I feel unused.’

But now Catherine Davies has decided it is time to have her say. ‘If my name and picture are going to be splashed all over the tabloids anyway, I might as well make something out of it for myself,’ she said. ‘I might even be asked to go on Celebrity Big Brother, though I’m probably too famous for that now. Besides, it’s not like I wouldn’t have slept with him, it’s just that I’ve never even met him. I had the chance to meet him once, and who knows what might have happened, but I was busy that night having a threesome with Jeremy Clarkson and Ewan McGregor. Oh bugger…’

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