Racist organisation appoints uniformity officer

Having seen an influx of members from a variety of diverse backgrounds, one local branch of the BNP has appointed a uniformity officer to ensure that narrow-mindedness is properly respected by its new members.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I’m no tolerantist,’ said John Webster, head of the BNP’s Walthamstow branch, ‘but I’ve always said it’s good for the spread of racism that we open our doors to all creeds and colours. And it’s worked wonders – now we’ve got all kinds of people being racist.’

But Webster’s progressive views on racism have concerned older BNP members. ‘Racism is becoming such a broad church,’ said one. ‘They’re letting anyone in these days, no questions asked – and some of them are openly broad minded. Bloody foreigners. Coming over here, diversifying our racist organisations.’

And the appointment of a uniformity officer has met with little support from many in Walthamstow. ‘What a load of un-PC rubbish. As if we need to be told how to discriminate.’

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