Supermarkets to crack down on disabled customers using BMW parking bays

UK supermarket giants are vowing to curb the rise of so-called ‘BMW badge abuse’.

For many years supermarkets have been required to provide special parking spaces close to the store entrance for BMW drivers, clearly marked, inexplicably, with a picture of a man sitting on a gym ball. However recent research shows that more and more people are parking cars in these spaces that not only aren’t BMWs, but aren’t even German.

‘These spaces are designed so that our drivers don’t have to walk as far as ordinary car owners’ explained spokesman Paul Jones ‘But we are seeing an alarming rise in people parking any old car there and displaying a disabled badge, as if this were an acceptable substitute for owning the ultimate driving machine. Some BMW drivers have given shocking accounts of having to walk the slightly longer distance from the parent and child spaces, laden with heavy and expensive deli items, and it has to stop.’

Research also suggests that up to 50% of people who do display a BMW badge don’t actually own a BMW themselves but have instead borrowed the badge from a friend or family member. One report claimed that a Tesco customer parked a 15 year old Vauxhall Corsa in a BMW parking bay, walking into the store with not even a hint of an arrogant swagger or smug, self-satisfied smirk.

‘Some of the cars made up to look like BMWs can look highly convincing at first glance’  said Ruben Maxwell-Howse, president of the BMW Owners’ Guild ‘But these drivers give themselves away when they use their indicators to back into the space.’

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