Andy Murray personally thanks fan for her timely shout of ‘Come on Andy’

In a surprising move, Andy Murray has personally sought out a fan from the crowd to thank her for her cry of ‘Come on Andy!’ during the final at Queens Club this week.

Murray explained to journalists that he now realizes that he had been going about the match in a mundane manner, his ankle hurt, and he hadn’t really got into the game or even acknowledged the crowd, his opponent or his mother for that matter.

‘Then in a moment of sudden enlightenment, I heard the cry from Mrs. Betty Burroughs of Bournemouth, and it was if the clouds opened up and all became clear, I needed to ‘Come on’’ he explained. ‘If it wasn’t for her I am sure I would have lost the match.’

‘Thank goodness someone had the foresight to shout out and make me aware of my total lack of commitment. Obviously due to the stringent rules of no coaching from my team of experts it was left up to this insightful lady to bring my game back into focus. I only hope that in future matches more enthusiastic fans will cry out insightful comments to improve my game.’

When asked about his plan for winning Wimbledon this year, Andy said he is fed up with the concept of focusing on winning one point at a time and has decided to focus only on his winner’s speech.

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