BMW recalls drivers after safety scare

BMW is recalling 450000 drivers after other road users reported ‘significant personality defects’ in the model.

The luxury car maker said that problems include tail-gating, finger flicking, inability to manage indicators, getting stuck in the overtaking lane, and spontaneous explosions of anger apparently ignited by attempts by other car models to overtake.

‘The recall is purely a precautionary measure,’ a BMW spokesman said. ‘Drivers who notice any of the faults in themselves should report to any authorised BMW dealer for a free overhaul or a replacement driver will be offered.’

But BMW owner Jeremy Mates said he hadn’t noticed any problems.

‘Some other models –whatever they’re called – may get in the way, but I just sit up their arse for a few miles,’ he said, ‘overtake without indicating just to rile ‘em, show them a finger and mouth a few well-chosen expletives – then I’m off down what I call the BMW lane for the rest of the journey.

‘Excuse my German, but recall my tail-gating arse.’

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