Suitcase with pink ribbon tied to handle goes missing

A black suitcase with a bright pink ribbon tied to its handle has gone missing from Gatwick airport’s baggage carousal.

‘It took me ages to find that ribbon,’ said Mildred Moran (48) who was returning from a Spanish holiday. ‘And I was sure it would make my suitcase standout from other black suitcases. I just can’t understand how it could go missing. I’m flummoxed.’

A Gatwick security spokesman said he had a theory that another passenger with a black suitcase with a bright pink ribbon tied to its handle had taken Mrs Moran’s case in error.

But Professor of Logic at Oxford University, James Searle, said the theory required that the black suitcase belonging to the passenger who had taken Mrs Moran’s black suitcase in error should have remained on the carousal. ‘It’s a tough one, but as a matter of logic it just doesn’t stack up,’ Professor Searle said.

A Gatwick spokesman said the airport advised passengers not to attach a bright pink ribbon to their suitcases. ‘If you don’t attach a ribbon,’ the spokesman said, ‘you should be OK because no one should take you case by mistake because it will be the only one ribbon free.’

Professor Searle said that if more than one passenger took that advice, there was a logical flaw in that, too.

Mrs Moran said she felt ‘gutted’ as this was the second time her luggage had gone missing from an airport carousal. ‘It happened last year at Heathrow. That was a black suitcase too, and I’d tied a nice piece of black ribbon to the handle.’

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