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BBC in new care row over ‘Top Gear’ home for elderly and bewildered

The BBC faced new controversy over care homes last night amid allegations of mistreatment at its own facility for elderly Top Gear presenters.

‘Bewildered men of advanced years need to be treated with dignity,’ said a spokesman for Help the Aged. ‘This footage shows the BBC deliberately humiliating three residents by getting them to act like teenage boys, cavort in front of carers and dress in clothes designed to make them look stupid.’

Corporation bosses have denied the accusations, though accepted that close-up shots appeared to reveal signs of abuse to the Top Gear presenters’ haircuts.

But doctors now fear the worst for the trio. ‘One resident is clearly suffering from a delusion that people want to hear his opinion on matters other than cars. For him it is too late.’


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Posted: Jun 28th, 2011 by Guest

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