Teachers welcome pension changes as ‘a valuable life lesson’

The National Union of Teachers has cancelled its planned strike, having decided that the changes to teachers’ pensions actually represent a valuable lesson in life for pupils.

‘Our members always put the education of their children above their own personal gain,’ explained union leader Christine Blower, ‘and having given careful consideration to these pension changes, we now realise that pupils can learn more if we accept the changes than if we don’t. If we weren’t showing them that you get shafted by your employer whether you’re in the public or private sector, and that you’ll probably have to work until you die, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly.’

However, one French teacher is disappointed by the decision. ‘I’ve got some teachers from France coming here for an exchange trip. They love a good strike, but now they’re just going to have to help my class practice their French speaking skills or something. They’ll be bitterly disappointed.’

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