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Tories encourage UK households to feed British birds instead of migrants

The government is embroiled in controversy today after a senior minister suggested that UK households should give preferential treatment to native British bird species over transient migrant birds.

‘Traditional English birds such as the chaffinch are losing out to other foreign species, and it’s about time we put them first,’ said Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for the environment, food and rural affairs. ‘Our countryside is being flooded by foreign birds coming over here to take advantage of handouts and then flying off back home for the summer. Some of them don’t even use bird baths regularly.’

The Daily Mail has welcomed the Government’s announcement but remains concerned about the issue of illegal immigration. ‘We demand action about the hoards of parakeets now living in the UK with their funny-coloured feathers. No one can understand a note they sing, they breed non-stop and they’re seriously undermining the price of bird houses.’

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Posted: Jul 1st, 2011 by bonjonelson

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