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Heston Blumenthal cooks himself in quest for culinary glory

Culinary wizard Heston Blumenthal is once again pushing the boundaries of taste, decency and what can be considered food by becoming the first chef to cook himself live on television.

‘I always aim to do something that nobody has done before,’ said Blumenthal. ‘I know Keith Floyd pickled himself, but that’s become a cliché. I’m passionate about cooking and now I can really put my body and soul into it.’

In preparation for his new Channel 5 programme, ‘The Chef Who Ate Himself’, Blumenthal has met survivors of the 1972 Uruguayan air crash in the Andes and studied interviews with Jeffrey Dahmer for advice on seasoning.

Viewers are now calling for Jamie Oliver to try a similar stunt, with connoisseurs predicting that his large, tender tongue could prove to be a delicacy.


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Posted: Jul 8th, 2011 by Guest

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