Legendary Nazi hunter denies big game all gone as he nabs council jobsworth

Legendary Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal yesterday denied that all the big name Nazis from WW2 have now been caught, when he unveiled the capture of Simon Perkins (AKA Das Safety Nazi) who was found to be living in and working in Croydon as Climate Change officer for the local council.

Herr Jobswurst, as he was known, was allegedly one of the most notorious safety Nazis of the last century. But as Nazi hunters celebrated another successful mission, some critics questioned whether the haul of fascist authoritarians is becoming a bit thin.

‘In fishing terms, the modern Nazis we’re picking up now are tiddlers,’ said one disaffected Nazi hunter, ‘all the big game has gone and now we’re picking up health and safety officers, fashion diehards and traffic wardens. I’m starting to wonder if this is what I got into Nazi hunting for.’

But a Nazi is a Nazi, many argue, and there are no degrees of seriousness. A librarian who applies the rules over late book returns, even when the library was closed, is just as bad as a man who presided over a death camp, it is popularly believed.

Some critics, who say the over use of the word nazi may cheapen the potency of criticism, were howled down. ‘That’s political correctness gone mad,’ said a caller to a late night radio station, ‘bloody rationality Nazis make me sick.’

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