Rebekah Brooks should go now, urges Gaddafi

wave after wave of reprisals expected

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is urging News International CEO Rebekah Brooks to ‘do the right thing and leave now.’ In an interview on Libyan state television, Gaffafi says: ‘She may well be charismatic, but she’s also batshit loopy. She’s power-daft, and yet I don’t think she can hold out much longer. It’s getting embarrassing, y’know?’

Colonel Gafaffi first met Brooks, then Rebekah Wade, while taking part in a military documentary with her former husband, the actor Ross Kemp. ‘I remember meeting this squat tough sinewy, bull-necked character and thinking, ooh who’s that with Ross? During dinner, Kemp suggested she might want to ease off on the carbs and she smashed him square in the face with a plate. I thought, you’ve got your work cut out for you there, mate. ‘She’s grown up accustomed to power, you understand? You have to remember she became the youngest ever editor of a national newspaper, at the age of twelve.’

An intensely private self-publicist, very little is known about Rebekah Brooks herself; she has always insisted that she may, or may not be, an enigma. After rising to power at News International with astonishing speed, and the highest number of confirmed kills, she is now considered the most powerful woman to be told what to do by Rupert Murdoch.

an unnecessary picture of Ross Kemp‘Hey, I’m something of a maverick myself,’ confesses Colonel Gadaffi, ‘so I totally get where she’s coming from. But you’ve only got to look at her now to realise that the lights are on, but everyone’s been escorted from the building.’

Gadaffi had previously praised Brooks for thriving in the macho pressure-cooker environment of tabloid journalism. He said: ‘If there is one thing that makes my blood boil it is Fleet Street’s rampant chauvinism, so you have to hand it to the little lady, she’s a smart cookie.’

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