Angry mob of MPs at police station, bangs on the roof of redhead’s prison van


The angry mob of MPs and cabinet ministers past and present that surrounded Wapping police station showed no sign of dispersing this afternoon, with many baying for the blood of the alleged fraudster who went too far.

Though many of them are former associates of one-time Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, with some even being convicted expense fiddlers and dodgy document forgers, the shamed redhead’s crimes have provoked fury even among the MP community.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I pulled some strokes in my time,’ said Alistair, who once forged a dossier that was used for an illegal war in which half a million lives were lost, ‘but what this redhead has done really sickens me. If I could get my hands on her, I don’t know what I’d do.’

Another rioter, Gordon, was seen banging his clunking fist on the roof of the van and shouting obscenities. ‘To think that I went to this monster’s wedding and invited her around to my house sickens me,’ said Gordon. ‘My mate Tony even changed the law in order to please her.’

The conviction of the redhead has brought the Westminster village together, with members who would normally have no time for each other now standing shoulder to shoulder in condemnation. ‘You faaa-king sllaaaagg!’ shouted David, an old Etonian, who ran after the police van waving his fist.

Now the clamour to change the law on redheads is growing. ‘People have a right to know if there’s a redhead living next door,’ said a black-haired sponsor of ‘Rebekah’s Law’. ‘People have a right to know if a ginger neighbour is eavesdropping on them or is engaged in corrupt acts.’

Though opponents of ‘Rebekah’s Law’ argue that some red-haired people will go to ground by dyeing their hair or wearing a hat, supporters insist that the law is essential and are organising a ‘Rebekah’s Law’ march through Bradford tomorrow.

‘If there was still a News of the World, its editor would be backing us,’ one supporter said. ‘Assuming of course, she wasn’t a redhead.’

In a final twist, Rebekah Brooks walked free from her police van, after all the police escorting her resigned and were arrested soon after.

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