Brooks adopts ‘light cannot exist without darkness’ defence in Committee Enquiry

Rebekah Brooks wrong-footed the Commons Media Committee yesterday by claiming that her actions during her reign of terror within NewsCorp were required to bring balance to life itself.

‘Light cannot exist without darkness; good cannot exist without evil’, she explained. ‘For how can society judge what is right and true if not for the ability to point at what is wrong and deceitful?’

‘Uh-oh, she’s gone wide’ tweeted Tom Watson MP from inside the chamber. ‘We’re all screwed.’ Further tweets from within the chamber revealed that the cross-party panel of MPs seemed ‘visibly deflated by the clever argument’ and that further questioning was carried out in the manner of ‘naughty schoolkids staring at their scuffed shoes’.

Brooks’ line of questioning was at odds with the earlier questioning of Rupert Murdoch, who had looked to cut a deal with the MPs by claiming ‘together we could become more powerful than anybody could imagine.’  As the News Corps CEO left, a  number of MPs were spotted slipping him their business cards and saying ‘Call me.’

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