Rupert Murdoch ‘has no recollection’ of shaving foam attack

Rupert Murdoch insisted he could not recall being attacked yesterday afternoon by a man in a checked shirt wielding a paper plate loaded with shaving foam.

‘A paper what?’ he asked reporters after leaving the Select Committee room. ‘Don’t know anything about that.’ Mr Murdoch went on to say he was ‘out of the country’ at the time of the alleged attack. In any event, he went on to assert that it is ‘usual practice’ for executives at a lower level in News Corporation to deal with this kind of thing.

‘Shaving takes up less than one per cent of my day,’ Murdoch revealed. ‘I can’t be expected to know anything about it.’  When pressed on who might have been involved, Murdoch replied, ‘people I trust.’ Then, after a long pause, he added ‘or the people below them. People who shave.’ And finally, after further thought: ‘their faces.’


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