New BBC4 film dramatises ‘pivotal’ comedy moment when nothing happened. At all.

BBC4 is to screen a gripping new film dramatising the ‘pivotal’ moment in UK comedy history when Spike Milligan and Peter Cook failed to bump into each other in on off-licence in Hampstead in 1962. The new film chronicles what BBC4 experts have called ‘a defining moment in the development of TV comedy’, when the two pioneering comedians arrived in the liquor store at completely different times, exchanged no words at all and went their own separate ways.

The channel has built a reputation for chronicling key characters and events in British comedy, such as its new film about the controversy surrounding the release of Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ in 1979. Other hilarious comedy stars profiled in BBC4 films have included Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques and Tony Blair.

Future subjects of BBC4 documentaries include the historic gathering at an expensive Covent Garden restaurant, during which BBC4 executives identified tedious drama-documentaries about long-forgotten non-events as an easy way to justify their enormous salaries.


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