Hollywood mogul admits ‘No new ideas’

Following the recent release of another Hollywood-blockbuster-based-on-a-comic-hero, Captain America, a studio mogul with MGM has revealed that writers have completely run out of inspiration and that there are no new ideas left.

‘It’s why we needed 3D,’ he claimed, ‘it means that we can remake the same old crappy story lines but make them look a whole lot cooler. It’s gotten so bad that we’ve even run out of ways that an unlikely couple can hook up in comedic circumstances or even push the boundaries of pseudo-supernatural weaponised serial killers seeking revenge. ’

However, MGMs rivals have been quick to refute these assertions. Warner Brothers spokesperson, Jock Weizkrak, retorted, ‘Clearly MGM are having trouble as we’ve got a whole pot of ideas still to make. Following the success of Russell Brand’s Arthur, we’re going to make Arthur 2, and then there’s The Italian Job 2, another 3 films in the Narnia series and X-men: Second Class. ’


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