Newsagent shocked as someone asks about counter sweet jar charity

A newsagent from Blackpool was recovering from shock today after being asked a question about the charity he was collecting for the sweet jar placed on the counter. ‘This bloke approaches the counter with a copy of the local paper,’ explained newsagent Dennis Wigley. ‘He handed me a fifty pence piece to pay for the paper and I handed over the penny change as usual, but then unthinkable happened – he actually asked me a question about the charity!’

Clearly shaken by the experience, Wigley is still bewildered as to why the question was asked. ‘In thirty years of running a news agency I’ve never known anything like it. Usually people just chuck in the money without question – for all they know they could be funding guerrilla warfare in deepest Africa every time they get rid of their change so why did someone have to ask me? ‘

‘The sweet jar had been up there so long I’d forgotten what it was collecting for,’ he continued. ‘I managed to mumble an answer which seemed to satisfy the gentlemen’s curiosity. He then turned and walked out of the shop leaving me in a total state of shock.’


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