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Celebrity ‘devastated’ as plea for privacy is respected

A well-known UK pop star is said to be devastated after the media respected his plea for privacy during a difficult time in his personal life.

The star’s publicist  – who wishes to be known only as ’MC’ – said that although he had informed all the media of his client’s precise movements so that any intrusion could be avoided, nothing had happened.

‘X was completely devastated that not a single hack or paparazzi showed their face at the rehab visits, lonely walks down beaches, and secret reunions with old flames we so carefully staged, ‘MC’ told a packed press conference.

He added that the unnamed star would not be available for comment in Leicester Square at Noon tomorrow.

‘But,’ he added, ‘I’d rather you more or less kept that to yourselves.’


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Posted: Aug 1st, 2011 by Guest

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