New ‘Pam filter’ feature added by email providers

As a result of lobbying from people with friends and relatives called Pam, the big email providers have finally succumbed and added a feature called a ‘Pam filter’. It is seen as a major coup for the ongoing campaign to simplify the detection of emails from people called Pam.

All the big providers, including GoogleMail, Yahoo, and MS Outlook, will now allow easy filtering of emails from friends and relatives called Pam. The new versions of software will automatically separate emails they deem to have originated from a Pam into a different folder. There will also be a button marked ‘Pam’, to do it manually. Equally, there will be a button marked ‘This is not Pam’, should any non-Pam email be inadvertently diverted to the Pam folder.

Mrs Anderson from Mansfield said, ‘This will make life so much easier. I live in fear of missing an email from my sister Pam in America. At the moment, I have to keep a keen eye out for emails titled ‘You rate duck or what?’ but now all the hard work will be taken care of. From now on, Pam’s emails go straight into the Pam folder – good riddance to the stuck-up cow. ’


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