Targeted motorist finally displays ‘Baby on Board!’ sign

Father of three John Merchant has finally seen sense and bought a ‘Baby on Board!’ sign in a bid to end years of attacks whilst out with his family in their Citroen Berlingo.

‘As soon as we’d left the house, it’d start,’ he said. ‘Other drivers would try to ram us off the road, pedestrians hurled bricks, or tried to overturn us at traffic lights. It was sheer hell.

‘A trip to the garden centre became like trying to drive a convicted psychotic paedophile through a mob. I can’t blame them, though. I mean, how were they supposed to know we had babies on board?’

John, initially dismissive of such signs, is now a firm convert.

‘Things have calmed down since the sign went up,’ he says. ‘We still get regularly cut up at junctions but, then, that’s BMW drivers for you. I’ve no problem with that, just as long as their ‘Cunt on Board!’ sign is clearly displayed.’


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