Parents admit child is just a little shit

Everybody remembers the day that a dog ran into their school – and that’s certainly true for pupils at St Peter’s primary in Coventry, because little Jimmy Morris (11) set fire to it.

And that was just a trial run: later he set fire to the school.

Aged four, Jimmy hung a neighbour’s cat by its tail from a tree; aged six, he attempted to create a ‘ramster’ by blending a rabbit and a hamster. In a blender.

Jimmy’s father is dismissive of ADD or other psychological explanations for his son’s behaviour.

‘The boy’s just an evil little shit,’ is his considered opinion, and he has refused further testing aimed at labelling Jimmy with a new syndrome excusing his behaviour.

‘There’s no point,’ he said,’ because there’s nothing wrong with the bugger. He just hasn’t been brought up properly and he’s never been given any proper discipline. He’s just been allowed to do as he pleases, so it’s no surprise he’s turned out a threat to the animal kingdom.

‘I blame his teachers.’

[Hat-Tip Oxbridge]

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