Barnsley man in family holiday challenge

Father of four Graham Carter says he finds the prospect of the annual family holiday increasingly daunting.

‘It gets harder every year,’ Mr Carter (31) said. ‘It starts at New Year when the wife gets the holiday brochures out. That’s when the depression sets in.’

This year his wife Sue has booked a fortnight camping holiday in Newquay.

‘I wouldn’t mind a seaside holiday except for all that sea and beaches where you have to do paddling and make sand castles,’ Mr Carter said, ‘when I could be at home having a pint down the pub with the lads.

‘I keep looking at the sky, hoping for torrential rain, like three years ago.’

Mr Carter says that was the best holiday he’s ever had, when a three-week camping holiday in Wales had to be abandoned when the campsite flooded.

‘That was right good because we left on Saturday and were home by Sunday night. I’ll never forget that holiday and I’ve still got the snaps of us leaving the campsite in the rain. That was the holiday of a lifetime, that was,’  he said.

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